The Naked Back: Crystal and Chandeliers

The naked back is about as daring an evening gown can get. The raw edges of a shoulder-blade, the sweet line of the spine, and the tender curves of the latissimus dorsi muscles simply cause eyes to stare and jaws to drop.

Be warned though, an open backs with the bra showing through, unlike the sleeveless crop top, is a waste of the open back. Just let it go. I’d rather see a Motley Crew concert tee than an open back with the bra showing through..

The event is fairly elegant. There are chandeliers and slicked back hair. There are pearls and long black gloves that carry slender bags that shift effortlessly throughout the night. There are long legs and ties that cut through the glare. There are toes so pointy that the meat cutter gets jealous and even then, there is refined edge on everybody’s mind that keeps the red wine flowing through crystal glasses.

And no, this ain’t no high school prom..

Can you picture it?

Photo credits: Georgina Stojiljkovic in Givenchy Haute Couture. Photo by Giulia NoniRussian Vogue June 2011

Photo credits: Etro Fall 2012


Photo credit: unknown

Photo credit: Chanel

Photo credit: Elle UK July 2012 / Alexander McQueen

Photo credit: Jovani (


Photo credits: unknown

Photo credits: unknown

Photo source: unknown



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