The Suburbs by Arcade Fire

I got the word on the street that Arcade Fire’s much anticipated album, The Suburbs, was out, so I had to get it. My impression? I love it. Its not a number one all time favorite of everything kind of album, but its an album I played front to back twice kind of love thing.

Win Butler’s voice is unmistakable, lovely, and eerie all at the same time; fitting in perfectly with the orchestra backing him. This band, which consists of Win ButlerRégine ChassagneRichard Reed ParryWilliam ButlerJeremy GaraSarah NeufeldTim Kingsbury just keeps getting better.

The opening title track I think was perfectly placed and sets the mood for the whole album. Not the best song on it, but oh, its a good one.

Modern Man is just stunning. The guitar riff in it is one of the ones where your dancing to it, but when you swoop, mid swoop you gotta swoop even further because thats where the song takes you. I like it!

Rococo is another good feeling song. The whole album is chalked full of songs that make you think you’ve heard them before. I just watched the movie Crazy Heart and a quote from it is: “Thats how you can tell its a good song, when you think that you’ve heard it before.”

City With No Children, Suburban War, Month of May, really, all the songs I enjoyed and like. Its just simply a great album, if you didn’t get my drift yet. Go get your hands on it any way you can. And enjoy it. And Arcade Fire, if you’re out there, I can’t wait to hear whats going to come next.

I’d love to hear what you think of The Suburbs!

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