The Big Come Up by The Black Keys

The Black Keys are for real, and they will for real you. To be korney, they attack and release, and oh so much more. Yes, it’s all true: you must listen to them.

The Big Come Up is the album, it was their first studio release, dating back to 2001. It’s been playing into my ears all day, and I shall continue with more from The Black Keys as the day continues. I just love these guys. The band consists of vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney. The vocals of Dan just fit right in, especially when he super saturates it with distortion. It fits right in with the raunch he gets out of his guitar. Love. Love. Love. Patrick on drums? What?! Keep playing please!

There is something about a two piece band that just fits. If you can pull it off, then you are worth of my praise. The band who immediately comes to mind is The White Stripes. Of course we all know they’ve just announced their demise.

Busted starts off the album, and it starts it off with enough groove that on a crowded, steamy, and smelly bus, you’ll find yourself tapping your toe with a desire to start moving about, shaking your thing… cause I was.

I’ll be your man is another great. They present the subject matter of their songs perfectly. It seems that a lot of it is about what true blues should be about, love and women. I dare ask you if you disagree!?

Sometimes you find music that puts you in a serene mood, settles you down and relaxes you. Contrary to that, you find some music that excites you and makes you want to run around with fury comparable to a chicken being chases, but The Black Keys are neither of these, but both at the same time. They make the kind of music that I want to stomp my foot to, while shaking my head, while listening even harder for what they’re actually doing with their instruments! It really is just an amazing thing.

The Breaks, I’m not sure what the starting little bit is about, but it’s a song that sets kind of your serene mood; makes you feel like getting real low, letting it roll.

I love the point in Heavy Soul where the feedback takes over and he starts solo’ing on top. God thats heaven.

To me, it’s always amazing to feel how a band works together, how they play off of each other. Some bands get carried away with production and you loose a lot of that feeling in it. The Black Keys do not have to worry about this: they ooze with soul. They have feeling. They make you think, and move, and wish, and go.

So I think the only thing left to ask you, is what is your favorite song? Do you get the same feeling from these guys?

I had a chance to hit up a show of theirs in Vancouver, BC and I must say: They rocked the house. It was at the Orpheum, which is the same venue that the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra plays at; it was the loudest I’ve ever heard that building. It felt like the mortar from the ceilings of that old opera house was going to start falling.

Have you ever seen them live? If you haven’t (or even if you have) go again!

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