The Tallest Man On Earth

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Swedish born Kristian Matsson is truly a folk singer. His lyrics are mesmerizing, his voice is capturing, and his guitar styles make all memories flow forth fluidly. Kristian Matsson is known to music fans as The Tallest Man On Earth.

In 2008 The Tallest Man On Earth released his first full length album Shallow Grave, which is packed with finger picking that will make the best of them stop and take note. Since then, he hasn’t stopped.

Photo source: The Tallest Man On Earth |

The Tallest Man On Earth really gives one a feeling they just dropped back into the 60’s folk music scene. Really eerily, Matsson sounds like Dylan. Being a huge fan of Dylan, I am now a huge fan of The Tallest Man On Earth.

Photo source: The Tallest Man On Earth |

Stunning finger picking, great lyrics, melodic voice with that raspy edge to it, and.. AND LYRICS!

This entire article could just read just as song lyrics. In fact, that is what it shall read like.

Shallow Grave
Come see the ripples on the water
As I throw pebbles in the pond
To let the sky go past its surface
Empty my pockets filled with stones
My pockets filled with stones

Come see the sadness of the sailor
As I will scratch his deep blue floor
Already in my years of bad luck
Oh, I broke his mirror long before

Oh when I dive into the water
I’ve raised the bottom to be saved
It’s just a shallow grave

I found the darkness in my neighbor
I found the fire in the frost
I found the season once claimed healthy
Oh, I need the guidance of the lost

But when I dive into the water
I’ve raised the bottom to be saved
It’s just a shallow grave
‘Cause when I dive into the water
I’ve raised the bottom to be saved
It’s just a shallow grave
It’s just a shallow grave

Photo source: The Tallest Man On Earth |


Honey Won’t You Let Me In
Now the snow will fall and the lover’s call
Will be drenched out by the shatterin’ of verse
As the seasoned shifts lonely minds will drift
On the ocean in a build above its lore
As I knock your door from inside once more
How I wish a soothin’ breeze would let me in
Shake my tambourine at your glowing dreams
So honey won’t you let me in, oh

As we cease to know where our fate will go
We won’t see the rivers tied up in the vines
Branches will untie every mumblin’ lie
Every frayed word in your lullaby is heard
Oh when I catch the ? of our ?
How I wish the turning sunset could record
Blow my engine steam at your glowin’ dreams
So honey won’t you let me in, oh

Now the dust will rise, dress the olden skies
Just a gallery of words we’ve used much
It’s a ? but what if it’s too late
To be building up our muscles in ?
Put me on the mornin’ ship and I will take the trip
To return with all the treasures of the past
It will always seem like a glowin’ dream
So honey won’t you let me in
I said honey won’t you let me in, oh

Honestly, this man is already a legend in my books. What do you think of him?

Reading further in to The Tallest Man On Earth, he is notorious for recording his albums with a portable recorder, wherever he is. Recording vocals and guitar at the same time. When one listens to the recordings on the albums, you can hear this, but to be honest, it fits right in. There is no loss in quality, in fact, there is more attitude given to the songs. It’s a great style. It’s a smart choice by Matsson.

The Tallest Man On Earth has three albums out.

  1. Shallow Grave – 2008
  2. The Wild Hung – 2010
  3. There’s no Leaving Now – 2012

We here at COT surely hope that The Tallest Man On Earth doesn’t stop any time soon making this beautiful music. We support him.

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Concert Review: Matt Costa with The Threes and Nines

Tuesday the 19th of October I was so lucky to find myself standing in front of the stage at Matt Costa‘s Vancouver date in the Venue right smack downtown on Granville St. Matt Costa is one of my favorite musicians, so I am immediately biased, I must warn you, but the show was good. Turned out it was even one of the guitarist’s birthday!

The show opened with a band called the Threes and Nines. The singer/guitarist was clearly a lyricist taking pride in being a songwriter, and enjoyed it the whole time. The band was definitely a hard working band, with guts to leave everything and face the life of no money to play for crowds all across North America. They had some great songs that had some great feel to them, and the band was tighter than the glue holding my shoes together!

Matt Costa opened by walking through the crowd, washboard, mandolin in toe, guitar and harmonica in hand. It was a great intro, most people didn’t understand what was going on. I love when the artists interact with the crowd like that. I was actually quite surprised at how small the venue was that he was playing in. Last time I saw him he had packed a much larger venue, but I know that some artists  crave a smaller venue to do just that; interact with the crowd.

His set, however, I felt started off somewhat slow. Something was off, the band was rattled for some reason or another, so I felt that it wasn’t the Matt Costa experience that I was expecting. However, as the show continued on, I found that Matt started to really get into it. He sat down for a few songs and played just him and an accompanying instrument, guitar for two songs and banjo for another. After this, I think he felt more at ease. I think the crowd was waiting for Astair.. and they got it!

He finished the show in fine fashion. Pumping out Mr. Pitiful on that piano of his was exciting. I was standing nearly 8 ft away from him. I like this Matt Costa character. I suggest you check him out.

The show was great, I enjoyed it. The crowd was very nice. I am beginning to really enjoy that venue, Venue. Did any of you go to the show? I’d love to hear how you’re enjoying the rest of his tour.