Eelus: an Artist Review

Eelus Biography

An artist that has recently been giving me great inspiration is a man who goes by Eelus. His art work is a mix of beauty, explosion, and sensitivity; always full of a greater message that speaks to me of combining nature, specifically the rawness of it, with paint.

Eelus Greenday

Eelus says of himself “From within this world, I love to paint, draw, photograph, write, watch, read, listen and most importantly, learn.
My goal is to continue making a living from doing all these things I love and being creative in any way I can.

Eelus Icarus

His motto alone inspires me, let alone his paintings. From his blog, I have learned that he uses stencils, no doubt combined with random splashes and who knows what else from his paint cans and brushes.

Eelus Nesting

Personally I like the two toned-ness of most of his images, which are then injected with a crucial piece of color that, without a doubt, claims this as his style. Each of his images leaves the viewer with just enough imagery to create their own nether world among the branches or wings spread out in a perfect arrangement. I like how on Eelus’s about page he clearly expresses the fact that his world is filled with dinosaurs, gnomes, big foot, and monsters.

Eelus Raven Gambia

For me it is safe to say that without artists like Eelus, who truly embrace art as a way of life, the world would be a monotonous ramble through pavement and key strokes.

Eelus can also be found on twitter ( @Eelus ).

All images shown here are courtesy and copyrighted by Eelus.

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