Joseph Kony and the Invisibile Children Campaign

I’ve actually been pretty disgusted with some peoples remarks on this issue.

If any of you are on any social media platform, you’ll have heard about KONY, or the Invisible Children Campaign.What is the campaign? Well, take about 30 minutes to watch this video first:

Now I think that you know what there is to know.

The organization started in 2005.

The campaign is to get the US, and the world to make an effort NOW to finally, once and for all after 25 some years of terrorizing the people of Uganda by stealing away over 60000 children to become prostitutes and warriors, to finally stop the terror known as Joseph Kony.

You will start seeing these posters pasted up everywhere until Kony is found, and prosecuted for his crimes.

Joseph Kony is on the Worlds 10 Most Wanted List. This isn’t a minor issue. This is a major issue.

So, this leaves the question why am I disturbed by some peoples remarks with regards to this?

Well, I’ve heard some people saying “I don’t fucking care about this Kony guy,” or “We have bigger problems in the world than Kony,” or “only x% of the money is actually going to the people of Uganda.” To me, that disturbs me.

This mentality shakes me to the core foundations of my belief system that this world really does inherently do good. I just read this article on Vice, where the author does a really great job outlining the critique this campaign has been getting since it went viral, and if you read the issues people are taking, they all are really secondary to the fact that Kony is stealing children from their homes, murdering countless families and opponents, and instilling fear in most of the people of Uganda.

No, none of the critique is just. Only one thing matters: Kony must be stopped, at any expense.

The point of this campaign is to raise awareness of the issue. The point of this campaign is to get US military support to find Kony. The point of this campaign is not to get more money for the campaign. They wanted a voice, they got a voice. They’ve accomplished what they wanted to with getting this heard, now they need to move into the next phase, and they need military support.

So, I ask you this: do you give a voice to the Invisible Children?

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